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The advantages of electric iron

Previous irons:

It's bulky, takes up space, and it's easy to burn a hole in your clothes.


Compact and lightweight, easy to operate, one piece of iron is ironed in one minute.

Many people think that the iron is out of date and the ironing machine can completely replace it. In fact, electric irons are still unique in many aspects.

1. Small size, convenient storage

At home, a small horn can put down the iron and it is very convenient when it is in use. You can get the iron out quickly, get it ready, and use it right away.

2. The iron is cheap

Many people in the past often use irons. They are accustomed to irons. They are also very comfortable with ironing clothes. They feel that using an iron is good, but they also save money, save water, and save energy.

3. Small power

The power of the iron is not consumed by the steamer, so it is relatively power-saving.