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Classification of electric irons

Jul 26, 2018

1, ordinary type

The most basic form of electric iron, the structure is simple, mainly composed of the bottom plate, electric heating element, pressure plate, cover, handle and other parts. Because it can not adjust the temperature, it has gradually been eliminated.

2, temperature adjustment type

The temperature control device is added to the ordinary electric iron, and the temperature control component adopts a bimetal. The temperature adjustment knob is used to change the initial distance and pressure between the static and movable contacts on the bimetal, so that the required ironing can be obtained. Temperature, temperature adjustment range is generally 60 ~ 250 ° C.

3, steam type

The steam generating device and the steam controller are added on the basis of the temperature-regulating electric iron, and the utility model has the functions of temperature regulation and steam spraying, and no manual water spraying is required.