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Detailed use of steam iron

Steam irons are basically a product that every family has. There are many people who are not sure about the use of steam irons. Now let's take a detailed introduction to the use of steam irons. Through the introduction of the use of steam irons, you can quickly grasp the use of such steam irons. Knowledge of the use of steam irons can help them to use these products to the greatest extent possible. At the same time, this kind of product can exert its maximum effect when used, and meet its higher needs. Mastering the use of such products can help you to use them correctly, so that you can avoid the phenomenon that the performance of the product is damaged because you do not know how to use it.

    The first step in using a steam iron is to check whether the protective layer on the outer layer of the wire is damaged or not before power-on. This is to prevent leakage. Especially for some old-fashioned electric irons, they do not have a water filling. Therefore, when ironing clothes, it is necessary to apply water on the contacted fabric, or put on a damp cloth to prevent the fabric from being burnt. The steam iron needs to add water during use, and the water used is preferably boiling water or pure water without impurities. If it is tap water, the magazine contained in it may block the air outlet and affect the final use effect of the iron. . In the process of adding water, it should be noted that the amount of water cannot be too small, because in this way, the water will be easily evaporated in a short time.

    When adding water to the water inlet, do not spill water on other parts of the iron to prevent electric shock. At the same time, according to the material of the clothes you want to iron, select the corresponding temperature, and then heat it. If you do not adjust to the proper temperature, it is very likely to burn the clothes. During the heating process of the electric iron, or the intermittent time of ironing, the movement should be placed upright and cannot be put on hold, which is likely to burn out the directly contacted items. After using the steam iron product again, if there is still residual water, you must choose to get rid of it, or continue to electrify, and then dry the water. If the water is not evaporated, the water is likely to leak out. This will not Conducive to the maintenance of sports products.