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Electric iron cleaning method

Oct 26, 2018

1. Clean the electric iron until it is completely cooled. It can be scrubbed with a soft damp cloth. If the clothing is coked and adhered to the bottom plate, it should not be forcibly scraped to avoid damage to the plating. The coking bone can be used to remove the coking adhesive.

2, the iron should be fully cooled before it can be put away. When storing, in order to avoid damage to the plating layer, it is best to stand upright;

3. When the storage is not in use, the temperature-controlled steam iron should turn the temperature knob to the lowest level, and the steam knob should be turned to dry ironing, that is, the position without steam;

4, the power cord can not be rolled too tight, so as not to damage the core wire;

5. After using the steam iron for a period of time, if there is white powder in the steaming hole, you can inject the water with white vinegar into the iron. After heating for 10 minutes, disconnect the power supply, shake the iron for cleaning, then pour out, rinse with water. All over.