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Electric iron maintenance method

Dec 01, 2018

1, see if the voltage matches

China's mains voltage is 220 volts. The first time you use an electric iron, you should check if the iron voltage matches it, especially for imported products. The voltage may be 240 volts or 110 volts. If you buy a 240-volt electric iron accidentally, the power of the product cannot be fully exerted, and the ironing effect will be affected by insufficient heat. The use of a 110-volt electric iron will damage the electrical circuit and may even cause danger or even endanger personal safety.

2, with less impurities in the water

Although some products are said to have descaling function, if conditions are met, water with less impurities, such as distilled water, cold water, etc., should be used. If tap water is often used, the scale formed is not completely eliminated, and it is easy to block the steam holes.

3, pour clean water tank residual water

After each use, the remaining water in the water tank must be cleaned, and then the remaining water is evaporated to eject it from the bottom plate. Otherwise, after the water is cooled, it will flow out from the bottom plate. When heated again, the minerals in the water will adhere. On the bottom plate, the base plate will be eroded for damage in the long run.

4, at least once a month

In order to make the steam iron durable, you should use its “automatic cleaning” function at least every month to remove the scale accumulated in the iron, collect it after it is completely dry, and it is best to erect the collection so that it can be extended. life.