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Electric irons are not only used for ironing, there are many places to use.

Sep 06, 2018

Electric irons are basically available in every household, mainly for ironing clothes and making clothes more flat. In addition to ironing, electric irons have many uses.

1. Wallpaper is easier to remove

The wallpaper has been attached for a long time, and it is not easy to remove it. You can prepare a piece of cloth, first wet it with water, then put the damp cloth on the wallpaper, then hold the electric iron in one hand and iron it against the damp cloth, so that the wallpaper will be heated and become wet, and the ironing will start cleaning again. Will fall off very well.

2. Remove the label on the furniture

Sometimes some labels are attached to the furniture, which is very difficult to tear. You can heat the iron first, then stay on the label for a while, then use the film to gently scrape the label, and then wipe it with a cloth, the label can be cleaned very clean, and there will be no offset printing.

3. Remove the grease from the book

If the book is stained with oil, you can put a piece of paper that absorbs water, then gently iron it on the paper with an electric iron. After a while, the oil will slowly be sucked away by the paper, and the oil stain on the book will naturally disappear.

4. Wax removal

If the oil of the candle drops on the clothes, it will be difficult to clean up. The wax can be scraped off first, then two paper towels are placed in the waxed position. The two sheets of paper are placed above and below the oil stains, and then ironed with an electric iron, the wax can be easily removed.


5. Give clothes a pattern

If you want to print your favorite pictures on your clothes, the iron can help you solve them. Choose a light-colored dress, then use a crayon to draw your favorite pattern on the clothes. After painting, spread a piece of paper on top of the pattern, then iron it with an iron, so that the wax will be sucked away by the paper towel after it melts. And the pigment will stay on the clothes. And after ironing with an electric iron, the clothes will not fade after many times, so it is suitable for people who like to make their own clothes.

6. Sealed bag

There are some uncooked ingredients, or snacks that can't be eaten. If you are afraid of exposure to the air, you can put them in a bag, then put tin foil on the opening of the bag, and then iron the tin foil with an iron. The bag can be sealed very well.

7. Remove grease

Some oil stains are difficult to clean, and they will solidify on the table. If you scratch it with something, the effect will not be satisfactory. You can prepare a paper towel, then spread it on the oil, then iron it with an electric iron, so that the solidified oil will melt slowly, and then wipe the oil with a paper towel.

8 sterilization

There are often some bacteria in the bed, or fleas, which can cause illness. However, because it is a place to sleep, it is not safe to use chemicals, which is harmful to the human body. In this case, before the bed, the electric iron is heated first, then all the quilts are spread out, and all are ironed, so that the bacteria or fleas hidden in the quilt can be eliminated. This method can also be used to sterilize clothes, and the effect is also very good. Especially the clothes that are dried on a cloudy day, or the clothes that have just been taken out of the season, can be ironed first with an electric iron.