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How families use electric irons


Many families have their own electric irons so that they can be ironed after the clothes are washed and aired to make the clothes flat. So how to use it in daily life?

1. Before the power is turned on, check whether the protective layer on the outer layer of the wire is intact and broken to prevent leakage.

2. If it is an old-fashioned electric iron, there is no water inlet. Therefore, when ironing clothes, it is necessary to put some water on the contacted fabric, or spread a damp cloth to prevent the fabric from being burnt.

3. The steam iron needs water, and it is best to use boiling water or pure water without impurities. If it is ordinary tap water, the impurities inside it may block the air hole and affect the effect. Pay attention to the amount of water in the process of adding water, not too little, it is easy to evaporate in a short time. Be careful when pouring water into the water inlet. Do not spill water on other parts of the iron to avoid electric shock.

4. According to the material of the cloth you want to iron, select the corresponding temperature file, and then start heating. Do not care about this step, otherwise the clothes may be wrinkled and burnt.

5. During the heating process of the iron and the intermittent ironing, the iron should be erected and placed without placing it on one side. As such, it is easy to burn out the objects directly contacted by the iron.

6. After the steam iron has been used up, if there is residual water, either drain it or continue to energize until the water is dried. If the water is not completely volatilized, then the water may leak out on its own and attach to the floor, leaving water stains and adversely affecting the maintenance of the machine.