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How to use steam iron?

Jul 19, 2018

The correct use of the steam iron is as follows:

1. The steam iron should first ground the yellow-green two-color wire in the power core wire in order to prevent the danger caused by leakage.

It is best to add boiling water to the steam iron, lift the front end to make the water inlet upward, and the measuring cup slowly injects the boiled water from the water filling port. The volume of the iron reservoir determines how much water is added.

2. For an electric iron equipped with water level glass, the iron can be erected, and the water level in the water storage tank can be observed and water can be added as needed.

3. On the fabric sign of the steam iron, the name of the fabric is basically the same as that of the thermostat type iron. The difference is the addition of a "steam" mark.

4. Turn on the power supply and turn the temperature control knob to the position between the "wool" and "burlap" files. The indicator light should illuminate. When the indicator is off, the temperature of the soleplate has reached the desired value. If water has been added to the iron, steam should be ejected. "It can be ironed.

5. The steam iron can dry the fabric, but to judge the type of fabric to be ironed, then adjust the temperature control knob, and finally select the appropriate floor temperature. After ironing, adjust the steam knob to the "0" position.

6. After use, the remaining water in the water reservoir should be poured out from the water inlet. When pouring, the front end of the iron should be turned down, and the electric trade bucket should be shaken, and the water can be poured out. Then turn the temperature knob to the highest temperature level and energize it for a few minutes to allow all internal moisture to evaporate. Then cut off the power supply, turn the temperature control knob back to the lowest temperature, and store it after natural cooling.