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Ironing machine on the market shall we choose

Dec 23, 2016

1, voltage breakdown: the cause of the breakdown is an insulating material, the other is the Creepage distance. Irons insulating material used is mica or MICA paper. Do pressure testing, the high voltage of 1500 v is charged with insulating layer between metal surfaces that can be touched to bear. Breakdown into electrical, thermal breakdown and discharge breakdown. Electrical breakdown voltage with linear increase in material thickness, thermal breakdown and discharge breakdown of insulation quality, now General insulation material is used in the iron MICA sheet and Mica tape.
2, stability: stability is an important indicator of household electrical appliances Safety, choose iron brand as well. Iron stability test is to check iron in the ground or stability when you use on the desktop, on the ground or on the desktop use the irons are often moved or tilted, if not straight or offset the center of gravity, have the potential to overturn, resulting in accident or injury.
3, power supply cords: outside the household electrical appliances to prevent shock hazard should also prevent fires, electrical components overheating, an important reason is often the cause of the fire. Irons with power cord area is less than the specified value, caused by current overload in the wire and heat bad, will make the wire overheating and fire. Iron cord braided cords should be used, should not use PVC insulated wire, drawn in the power supply line there should be a clamping device.