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Linked to hot selection

Dec 23, 2016

1. to look at the hanging ironing machine heater
That liner, now has 4 categories liner, plastic liner, copper liner, aluminum tank and stainless steel liner.
Plastic liner, now has basically been eliminated, now on the market are mainly copper tank, aluminum interior with stainless steel inner. Aluminum within bile, steam pressure smaller, motor strong degrees smaller, and easy burned, while price also compared your; stainless steel within bile of hanging hot machine, price cheap, steam pressure larger, not easy scaling, life more long; full copper of fever device, known, copper in high temperature wet environment Xia is is easy occurred oxidation production oxidation copper, oxidation copper after long-term oxidation eventually production production Pseudomonas aeruginosa, so although early, copper within bile of energy efficiency than are is high, but using paragraph time Hou, steam on began slow reduced, then, You will need to use vinegar or descaling agents to remove scaling requires regular cleaning and maintenance in the tank.
2. see the convenience
Easy to use hanging ironing machine, easily makes ironing, piles of clothes, can be easily resolved. For example linked to hot steam, steam control design of the handle, you can save frequent bending over to turn off the machine or adjust.
3. appearance and color
Select their favorite color that fits your room, note also that the material of the shell and paint, to choose soft, bright finish.