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Steam hangs the featured advantages of hot stamping machine

Dec 23, 2016

1. good clothes with a hanging iron Steam ironing machine is the best choice. Studies have shown that often use flat irons ironing easier to damage clothes and fabrics, the fabric is so (such as hair and aging), and linked to hot steam for ironing machine is in a suspended state of nature, gravity and high temperature steam (temperature is 98 degrees) under the dual role can be easily ironed, and in top shape.
2. use steam hanging ironing machine quick and easy saves time and effort. Likes to stroll the boutique shopping friends and Miss shop can feel, instantaneously on the clothes ironed, even without having to bend over ironing, a pile of clothes, are moments work done and clothes to show best results in front of customers.
3. clean. Steam gas hanging hot machine ironing clothing Shi and clothes knot touch parts (nozzle outlet parts) away from steam source apart is far, used of life water for high temperature produced of dirt never will as flat irons or steam ironing clothing brush as easy spray dip to clothes Shang, but completely retained in apart is far of bottom fever furnace storage scale room in the (is located in hanging hot machine fever furnace of most bottom).