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Steam iron leaking

Oct 26, 2018

The operation of the steam iron leaking is similar to that of other electric irons. Before operation, we should ground the yellow wire and the green wire in the power core wire in order to prevent the risk of electric shock in case of leakage. Next, you can raise the water supply of the iron. We can use the appropriate equipment to add water to the iron. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of water added. It should be decided according to the volume of the water reservoir.

For electric irons with water level glass, we can erect the electric iron when adding water, then use glasses to observe the height of the internal water tank of the electric iron, and then add water as needed. Remember not to add more to prevent water from leaking out. If there are too few, the water will evaporate in a while, and it is very unsafe to operate.

After the water is added, we can turn on the electric iron. Remember to keep the temperature of the iron between the “wool” and “burlap” gears, and the indicator should light up. When the indicator light is off, it means that the temperature of the bottom plate of the electric iron has reached the required value. If the inside of the electric iron has been filled with water, then it can be operated.

If the steam iron leaks if it is steamy, then we can dry ironing. The main method is to adjust the temperature control knob according to the type of fabric to be ironed, and select the suitable bottom plate temperature. In the first operation, we can lower it a bit. If the temperature is not enough, add it slowly. Don't damage the clothes if the temperature is too high for the first time. After the operation is complete, be sure to unplug the power supply, then drain the remaining water, or evaporate, and then collect the iron.