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Steam iron repair

1. the power that is burning out fuses
Power plug wiring short circuit. Turn on the power plug, and welded again.
Iron line of carbide burnt plastic socket. Check that the socket is burnt trace burnt smell and paste, if severe carbonation, then switched to a new outlet
Iron core or two electric short circuit. Test iron resistance values if partial short-circuit, insulation, if serious short circuit, then replace the conducting Strip.
2. when heat is not hot
Poor plug contact. Plug the plug tightly.
Iron socket conductive contact with the iron core. Remove shell check the retaining screws of conductive iron core.
Oxidation of copper plug on the iron pillar loose or worse. Remove shell check copper insert column screw and sand milling copper oxides on the inserted columns. Iron line conductive Jack sockets on the elastic loses its elasticity. Replace the iron cord outlet.
3. leakage
Conductive sheet or wire and dash enclosure or backplane. Remove Shell carefully check the conductivity of iron core and shell contact, and use a multimeter to test insulation resistance of copper inserted between column and shell, its value should be 500M E2 above, if very little resistance, then unscrew the clamp screw, check whether the iron cores of the two rivets at the crushed MICA plate, and take the appropriate measures to repair
MICA insulation damage. MICA mat good damage.