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Automatic Temperature Control Circuit Of Iron

Dec 23, 2016

Is the heating element, thermostat, lights, power components, such as terminals and power plug. After you put the power plug into the mains socket, 220V power through the power plug, the power terminals and the thermostat onto the heating element ends, ohmic heating, heating of the iron soleplate; both by current limiting resistors and heating element indicator neon lamp to shine on both ends, indicates that the iron is powered on. After the plate is heated to a certain temperature, can be ironed fabric. When the temperature reach the thermostat set temperature, power supply disconnect, cut off power to stop heating, the lights; floor after getting cool when the temperature drops to temperature, the contacts close again turn on and the power, and so forth, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature adjustment. Temperature thermostat knob
Nylon (60 8-100 ), synthetic fiber 100-125 ℃), silks (125-150 ℃), wool 160-180 ℃), cotton (180-200 degrees), 180-230 ℃) a total of six. State regulations on the thermostat temperature control accuracy requirements are: thermostat at any one time, temperature variation range is not more than 20 degrees centigrade.