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Classification Of Irons

Dec 23, 2016

On an ordinary electric iron temperature control device. BI-metallic temperature control components, use the temperature adjustment knob to change on the bimetallic static and dynamic contact between the initial distance and the pressure, to obtain the required ironing temperature. Temperature range is generally 60~250℃.
Steam type
Thermostat-irons on the basis of increased steam generator and steam controller, and temperature and Jet functions, without artificial spray.
Steam spray
Retrofitting on top of the steam electric iron with a spray system, and has a thermostat, steam spray, spray a variety of functions. The Jet system same as steam electric iron when the temperature is above 100 ℃, press the steam button spray, water gargoyles opened, vaporization of vaporization of water drip into the Interior, and from the floor vents spewing. Spray and steam installations are independent of each other. Hand press spray button, spray valve within piston down pressure, valve of round ball will will valve bottom of hole closed, valve within of water will through piston rod of guide hole by spray mouth formed fog-like spray out; release hand Hou, spray button automatically reset, due to valve of role, storage water indoor of water will valve bottom of round ball top open, through end of hole into valve within.