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Electric Iron From Automation To Intelligent

Jun 14, 2017

Electric Iron from automation to intelligent

In the process of economic restructuring, the manufacturing industry will undoubtedly play a fundamental role. In recent years, the future development of China's manufacturing industry perseverance, intelligent, service, brand, international full of the industry. Some domestic iron enterprises began to introduce a large number of automated production equipment, technology, to the industry to pass a message: the concept of intelligent production is awakening.

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry is undergoing important changes, such as the mass production of enterprises to the market or customer requirements for flexible production changes, design and control systems are independent to the design and control system integration The change in quality, cost, efficiency and safety is also increasing, and it is foreseeable that these changes will drive the development and application of automation technology into new developments. stage.

"When we combine artificial intelligence, robots and digital irons, there will be a revolution in manufacturing," says an American expert, "which makes US entrepreneurs start building locally to produce a wide variety of Products, so how can China compete with us? The United States is destined to regain leadership in the manufacturing sector and soon to turn to China to worry about. "American scholars proposed to the Chinese manufacturing industry declared the three major technical phase Combined with the resulting manufacturing model, can be called manufacturing intelligent, that is, intelligent manufacturing.

The development of artificial intelligence iron provides an effective method for the analysis and processing of production data and information, adding intelligent wings to manufacturing technology. Artificial intelligence technology is particularly suitable for solving particularly complex and uncertain problems, in the manufacturing process can be widely used in all aspects of artificial intelligence technology. Expert system technology can be used in engineering design, process design, production scheduling, fault diagnosis, etc., can also be neural networks and fuzzy control technology and other advanced computer intelligent methods applied to product formulations, production scheduling, to achieve intelligent manufacturing process.

In July this year, the International Monetary Fund released a number of "sensational" reports. The annual report on China's economic development pointed out that China's existing dependence on overseas exports and infrastructure investment-driven growth model has been difficult to sustain, if not rapid reform, China's GDP growth in 2018 will drop to 4%.

Although many of the experts have different opinions on the figures in the iron report, the grim situation in China's economic transition is an indisputable fact.

Iron in the economic transformation process, the manufacturing industry will undoubtedly play a fundamental role. In recent years, the future development of China's manufacturing industry, sweat, intelligent, service, brand, international ... ... all kinds of views. Chinese Academy of Engineering Xie Youbai has another thought, he gave the Chinese manufacturing out of the "prescription" is: to build a distributed resource environment under the knowledge service system.