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How To Buy Electric Iron

How to buy Electric Iron
When buying Electric Iron mainly from the following aspects to consider. 1, the power is adjustable in the purchase of electric Electric Iron before the first to determine what you are ready to bring Electric Ironing clothes? You need to Electric Ironing the type of clothes, this Electric Iron must be applicable to this. For example, some models of Electric Iron in the stall adjustment, the stalls apply to the type of clothing to show the icon, to Electric Iron shirt, to adjust to the shirt file, to Electric Ironing the sweater, to adjust to the sweater file, Very convenient, eye-catching. 2, the control panel general appliance control panel in two, one for the mechanical design, and the other for the digital design. Early appliances are mechanical design, such as black and white TV for Taiwan's knob, and now the basic digital appliances are designed, and only need to press a button, you can easily switch. The biggest advantage of mechanical design is the long life, the greatest advantage of digital design is beautiful, eye-catching. But for steam Electric Irons, it is best to choose mechanical. If you have to pursue good-looking, then select the digital, but be sure to pay attention, do not let the control panel stained with water, it is easy to cause the panel burned. 3, the appearance of the appearance of the paint to be smooth, shiny, feel can not be rugged. In addition, hand stroked the edges and corners of the machine, whether there is a scratch of the situation, a little better manufacturers, general engineering design, will take into account the safety factor, that is, hand in the body, can not be angular scratches. As for the fuselage color, this according to their preferences to decide, it is best to match with the color of the room. 4, the service life from the life of the entire product, the most influential is the heater, because the heater is the core of the entire steam Electric Iron parts, this component must choose durable, a large number of consumers use proof, pure copper The heater is the longest material, because copper can maintain the output stability of the steam, but also to ensure that the copper core will not be oxidized or corroded.
Recommended use of Electric Iron tips
How does white shirt appear to fold? In addition to the traditional Electric Iron, the Electric Iron is now on the market is also very convenient, just plug in the power to open the switch, adjust the Electric Ironing required by the temperature knob can be basically not scalding clothing. Can be described as all ages, fashion home essential goods. However, we have to understand the proper use of Electric Iron and some precautions.
How to use the Electric Iron
1, by hand to seize the lower part of the clothes down, pay attention to the surface of the clothing pull flat.
2, then the steam nozzle close to the clothing, gently down pressure, and then slide up and down the nozzle, the use of high temperature steam softening the fiber after the stereotypes through the tension.
3, hot to the bottom of the clothes to seize the clothes on both sides, tighten up and down the upper and lower pressure, careful steam steamer hot steam.
4, hot clothes when the collar to a little hard down pressure, because the collar part is not easy to Electric Iron, so the steam nozzle pressure in the collar of the time to wear a little longer, back and forth pressure up and down.
Electric Iron use Note:
1, try not to lack of water, despite the internal temperature control and other protective measures, but still have to pay attention.
2, after the use of a period of time, feel the gas is small, with white vinegar and water 1: 1 mixed, poured from the water, repeatedly shaking, the steam Electric Iron bottom of the cleaning valve to open, let go, then Rinse with water several times until there is no taste of vinegar.
3, thick clothing with a large power, silk and other thin clothing with a small power, close to the point, the speed slow.
4, hot pants, you can use the spray clip, if not, you can put the pants on a flat, with a smooth metal nozzle, instead of flat Electric Iron, to achieve pressure on the smooth.