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How To Grasp The Electric Iron Temperature

Aug 30, 2017

How to grasp the Electric Iron temperature
  If you use non-thermostat of ordinary Electric Iron, you can drop the water droplets on the floor of the heated Electric Iron to see the changes in water droplets, listen to the sound, to determine the approximate temperature of the Electric Iron to determine the type of textile suitable for Electric Iron clothing.
  1, when the Electric Iron in the 70 ~ 100 ℃ or less, there is no water to open the sound, the shape of water droplets spread slowly, followed by slowly blistering, water and sound, and then the temperature is not suitable for Electric Iron clothing.
  2, when the Electric Iron in the 120 ~ 140 ℃, issued a "Chi Chi" sound, water droplets immediately spread, and from the larger blisters, rapid evaporation, then the temperature suitable for direct Electric Iron nylon silk clothing, down jacket, nylon blended clothing , Acrylic woven blended clothing and polypropylene clothing.
  3, when the Electric Iron in the 150 ~ 160 ℃, the water drops after the first issue of "chirp" sound, and then the water droplets from small to small, rolling in the floor. At this time the temperature, suitable for direct Electric Iron polyester clothing and wool polyester blended clothing, but also direct Electric Iron wool clothing, or pad cloth Electric Iron Electric Iron, acrylic, acrylic clothing.
  4, when the Electric Iron in the 170 ~ 190 ℃, issued a "fluttering sound" sound, water drops on the Electric Iron jump and landing. At this time the temperature suitable for Electric Iron nausea water silk clothing and cotton fabrics, artificial cotton fabric, artificial silk. Can also be pad dry cloth, cloth and Electric Iron cloth and polyester, blended clothing.
  5, when the Electric Iron in the 200 ~ 250 ℃, issued a short brittle "pop" sound, water droplets immediately splash. This kind of temperature is suitable for padding wet cloth to Electric Iron all kinds of wool clothes, woolen clothing, but do not stay in the place where the cloth has been hot, so as not to appear under the water cloth "light", or make wool fabric yellow.
  The above-mentioned Electric Iron temperature is not absolute, there may be a few degrees difference. About 5 ℃ up and down, the clothing surface will not have much impact.
1, Electric Iron power cord must use three-core braided cord. Among them, green, yellow color line (some black line) is the ground wire, red line line FireWire, white line then zero line. The supplied socket must also be three holes and be grounded reliably. Do not use plastic power cord instead, because the plastic resistance
Electric Iron temperature difference is poor, a little careless power cord touch in the hot shell or floor; it will melt the plastic insulation and electric shock accident.
2, since the power cord, the length of 2m is appropriate. If too long, and arranged well, so that the power line dragged to the ground, walking people may tripping Electric Iron, fell to the ground or hot coke in the clothing, and even hurt.
3, in the intermittent Electric Iron clothing, Electric Iron should be erected, or placed on a dedicated Electric Iron shelf. Do not drop the Electric Iron on the flammable items, so as not to fire; do not put Electric Iron on Electric Iron or masonry, so as not to scratch the floor plating.
4, to promptly remove the Electric Iron surface of the dirt. The fluff on the surface of the chemical fiber fabric is easily melted and glued to the bottom plate to form a dark spot, not only ugly, but also inconvenient to use. In order to avoid the generation of such dirt, in the Electric Iron of chemical fiber fabric, pad a clean damp cloth. If the bottom plate appears dark spots, must not be used knife knife, that will destroy the floor of the coating. The most convenient and effective way is: first with a piece of wet cloth stained with a little toothpaste, slowly wipe rust spots, to be wiped, and then coated with a layer of wax, connected to the power, the wax and then rub. If the rust spot on the bottom of the Electric Iron, you can use a piece of waste cloth for the pad, forced back and forth more than a few times. This method of dirt, not only will not damage the Electric Iron plating layer, but also to restore its original smooth and flatness.
5, after the end of the use of Electric Iron, you should unplug the power plug, let the natural cooling, you must wait for a touch without touch, and then into the box door.
6, ordinary Electric Iron can not control the temperature, it is difficult to meet all kinds of clothing Electric Iron requirements. Especially in the Electric Iron of chemical fiber fabric, a little care will be the clothing burned, and sometimes only by the user's experience to master the temperature. Ordinary type of electric Electric Iron continuous power can not be too long, otherwise, because the temperature gradually increased (up to 600 a 700 ℃), will burn the heating element, will also damage and burn the coating. Generally take through, off the power of the way to roughly control the temperature of the floor, this is both power and security.
7, ordinary type of Electric Iron if the floor temperature is too high, let the natural cooling, can not use the method of water to cool, but can not immerse the floor in cold water, otherwise, will make the Electric Iron destroyed.
8, thermostat type Electric Iron inside the adjustable temperature of the bimetallic thermostat. Use the knob to adjust the operating temperature. When the temperature rises to the desired temperature, the bimetallic is bent downward by heat, leaving the power contacts off, turning off the power, and the Electric Irons no longer warming up. To be a certain degree of temperature, bimetal to restore the original state, then the power and connected. So repeated on and off, so that the Electric Iron to maintain a constant temperature. In order to maintain the rigidity of the bimetallic sheet, so that the temperature control is normal, should make bimetal in a natural state, when not in use, should the thermostat button to "off" or "off" position, never in the high temperature position Long place.