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How To Maintain A Steam Iron

Dec 23, 2016

If the voltages match
China's electricity voltage is 220 volts, first use the iron, iron voltage should be checked to match, especially imports, voltage is 240 volts or 110 volts. If you accidentally purchased a 240-volt electric irons products power cannot play, affecting ironing effect due to insufficient heating, use 110 volt electric iron, damaged electrical lines and even potentially dangerous and even endanger the security.
With fewer impurities of water
Although some products say there is descaling feature, but there are conditions, still less impurities of water should be used, such as distilled water, cold water, etc. If you frequently use the water supply, total elimination of scale have not been forged, accumulate easily blocked vents.
Pour clean water tank water
Every time after use, pour the remaining water in the tank must be clean, and then power on the residual water evaporation, keeps it bottom out, or water cooled, will flow out of the bottom, again when heated, the minerals the water adhering to floor, over time will erode bottom, causing damage.