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How To Use An Electric Iron

Jun 30, 2017

How to use an Electric Iron
Steam Electric Iron operation principle is the use of high-temperature steam softening clothing fibers, so before Electric Ironing clothes, first of all do not forget to add water to the Electric Iron Oh, so as to maintain the continuous supply of steam!
Hang the clothes on the bracket, buckle the buttons. We can try to choose such a double rod suspension bracket Electric Iron, not only can be more stable, and this integrated pallets can be suitable for a variety of clothing.
Start with the main part of the clothes, gently pull the clothes hem, try to stretch the place where the fold, and then use high-temperature steam to fold the fiber Electric Ironing.
Then, with a steam nozzle close to the clothes, like this gently down the pressure. And then drag the nozzle up and down, to have been Electric Ironing part of the stereotypes.
When the top of the clothes to the top, remember to seize the clothes on both sides, after they tighten, horizontal to move the nozzle.
Hot to the clothes collar or sleeves when, but also a little hard to press down; with a steam nozzle pressure in the collar fold and sleeves folded place to stay for a while, and then like this up and down to pressure up and down.
Pay attention to the order of Electric Ironing, the first Electric Ironing of the front, then Electric Iron on the back, you can.
In the use of Electric Iron, we also need to pay attention to different types of clothing to use different power, for example, thick clothing with large power, silk and other thin clothing with a small power, and Electric Ironing speed Also slow down.
If you are a lazy family, you can choose such a different steam output level of Electric Iron, to different types of clothing set different levels of steam, both convenient and very worry!
How to use the Electric Iron:
1, by hand to seize the lower part of the clothes down, pay attention to the surface of the clothing pull flat.
2, then the steam nozzle close to the clothing, gently down the pressure, and then slide up and down the nozzle, the use of high temperature steam softening the fiber after the stereotypes through the tension.
3, hot to the bottom of the clothes to seize the clothes on both sides, tighten up and down the upper and lower pressure, careful steam steamer hot steam.
4, hot clothes when the collar to a little hard down pressure, because the collar part is not easy to Electric Iron, so the steam nozzle pressure in the collar of the time to wear a little longer, back and forth under pressure.
Electric Iron use Note:
1, try not to lack of water, despite the internal temperature control and other protective measures, but still have to pay attention.
2, after the use of a period of time, feel the gas is small, with white vinegar and water 1: 1 mixed, poured from the water, repeatedly shaking, the steam Electric Iron bottom of the cleaning valve to open, let go, then Rinse with water until there is no taste of vinegar.
3, thick clothing with a large power, silk and other thin clothing with a small power, close to the point, the speed slow.
4, hot pants, you can use the spray clip, if not, you can put the pants on a flat, with a smooth metal nozzle, instead of flat Electric Iron, to achieve pressure on the smooth.