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How To Use Handheld Garment Steamer

How to use Handheld Garment Steamer

Try not to lack water. Although the internal temperature control and other protective measures; but also note that the hand-held steam hanging hot machine to add water to close to the water level is better. Because the machine is in a self-protection or alarm state when the machine is free of water or the water level is too low, the motor and the heating pipe may not work.

2. Hand-held steam hanging hot machine on the water requirements. If your area of water hardness is high, long-term use will cause a large number of hand-held steam hanging hot machine deposition, resulting in steam pipe blockage, reduced steam. The use of detergents can achieve a certain effect. But it is recommended to buy with a hard water softening device steam hand-held steam hanging hot machine, the tank built-in device can soften the hard water, to avoid the boiler and water vapor through the internal calcification aggregation, can effectively prevent the formation of scale.

3. To carry out regular maintenance. Feel the gas is small, with white vinegar and water 1: 1 mixed, poured from the water into the water, repeatedly shaking, the bottom of the machine cleaning valve to open, let go, and then rinse with water several times until the basic no vinegar the taste of. For long-term storage, be sure to dry the body of water. Many users do not pay attention to this problem after use, the body has long-term storage of water, which will affect the life of hand-held steam hanging hot machine. In general, for long-term storage, after use, the water tank from the body, put out the water within the tank, and let the hand-held steam hanging hot machine for about 5 minutes, the body of water burning Dry, and then the power cord rolled up, until the product is completely cooled after storage.

Choose hand-held steam hanging hot machine products, can not only focus on hand-held steam hanging hot machine prices, appearance, brush, there is a very important point, hand-held steam hanging hot steam pipe material can not be ignored!

Hand-held steam hanging hot steam pipe in the selection, the first should look at its material, the general hand-held steam hanging hot machine and more use of plastic hose, inside the insulation layer is made of secondary recycled plastic, this steam Once the tube through the high-calorie steam, will produce a lot of toxic gases, the damage to the human body is very large, we must pay attention to, and do not be black heart manufacturers inferior products flicker.

Real high-quality hand-held steam hanging hot steam pipe steam pipe should be the inner layer of PVC material insulation tube, the outer eight high-density yarn package, not only internal insulation, the external can also effectively protect the inner layer to achieve anti- And hand in the above is also very comfortable, very ergonomic design.

Give you popular some small knowledge of ironing it, to remember to care for their own fabric yo!

1. High temperature steam softens the clothes when the fibers are slightly pulled down

2. Catch the clothes of the hem, with steam nozzle close to clothing, gently down pressure

3. Drag the nozzle up and down, high temperature stereotypes

4. ironing clothes hem, pay close attention to both sides of the clothes, tighten, around the hot up and down

5. Steam nozzle pressure ironing time to be a little longer, back and forth repeated hot pressing