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Introduction To Steam Brush And Its Product Advantages

Introduction to Steam Brush and Its Product Advantages
Steam Brush is also called hanging iron, vertical iron, is able to hang clothes and fabrics of the machine. Steam Brush through the internal production of hot water constantly contact with clothes and fabrics, to soften the clothes and fabric fiber organization purposes, and through the "pull", "pressure", "spray" action smooth clothes and fabrics, so that clothes and fabrics intact like New.
Vertical steam ironing machine was invented by the Americans in 1946, was mainly used for high-grade tailor shops and aristocratic families, suitable for fabrics, silk, wool, cotton, linen material of the textile, especially home clothing, Cloth sofa, curtains, bedding indispensable ironing equipment.
Steam Brush is divided into hand-held Steam Brush, ordinary steam Steam Brush, pressure steam Steam Brush.
Hand-held steam Steam Brush: small easy to carry, travel time to carry easy to use it is not bad, but thick clothes difficult to iron and machine life is low!
Ordinary Steam Brush, generally use straight-through steam heating principle, the steam pressure is small, the steam flow is small, generally only 27-32g per minute, the outlet steam temperature is high, ironing needle silk chemical clothing effect is obvious, ironing heavy clothes effect generally need Repeated ironing!
Pressure steam Steam Brush, the general pump pumping, while the heater closed design, steam pressure, steam flow, steam jet distance. Outlet volume of 37-42g, the outlet temperature is low, the principle with the high pressure cleaner. Ironing ordinary clothes and heavy clothes effect in general!
Multifunctional Steam Brush product advantages
1, comparative advantage: research shows that clothes often use flat iron pressing, easy to damage the fabric, resulting in fabric fiber hardening and aging. While the Steam Brush
It is in the natural suspension of the state of the iron, in the clothes their own gravity and high temperature steam (temperature around 98 degrees) under the dual role to avoid the direct damage to the fabric, and can quickly, easily, easily ironing clothes, so that clothes bright Such as new, keep the best wearing shape.
2, the use of advantages: steam Steam Brush ironing and clothing contact parts (nozzle outlet) away from the steam source is very far away, the use of domestic water due to high temperature dirt will never be like a flat iron or steam ironing brush as easy to spray It is kept on the clothes, but is kept completely in the bottom of the heaters in the bottom of the heater (at the bottom of the Steam Brush). At the same time, high temperature steam also has a dust, sterilization, disinfection effect.
3, convenient advantages: Steam Brush in use, the speed of the steam often in 1 minute or so, take the comparison, do not worry about bad burn clothes. And the use of flat iron when the water tank to boil all the water, the slower, in the use of the interval need to stand, etc., more cumbersome.
4, easy to operate Advantages: steam Steam Brush is simple, just plug in the power to open the switch, adjust the ironing required by the temperature knob can not burn clothing. Can be described as all ages, fashion home essential goods, and flat iron bucket is well known, a little careless that will burn clothes. In addition, some Steam Brush ad hoc 6 or even 9 file adjustment function, suitable for silk, cotton, linen, wool and other fabrics, easy ironing good life.
5, capacity advantage. Add water can iron more than 50 pieces of steam Steam Brush, for modern families, plus a water should be able to use more than a week, but the flat iron because of its "belly" is too small, to be frequently added water. In contrast, the obvious advantages.