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Iron Use

Dec 23, 2016

1. iron power supply be sure to use three-phase Plug and must be grounded or the zero connection protection device.
2. irons are at least more than 300 Watts of power, so we must use a thicker wire connecting the electric iron, in order to ensure sufficient capacity.
3. household electric meter must have sufficient capacity, 300-Watt iron needs 2.5 meters, 500-watt iron needs 3 ampere meter, 750 Watt iron needs 5 ampere meter, 1000-watt electric iron is equipped with 10 ampere meter.
4. the use of interval, erected to place the steam iron, or placed on a piece of iron, ceramics and other thermal insulation materials, so as not to ignite things.
5. collection to protect the iron cable, in case of broken earth leakage.
6. when in use, do not let children near in case children burned.
7. after use will be iron after cooled down before they can collect.
8 steam iron on top handles have a drop of water switch, press the drop on the iron board and evaporates water into steam when the temperature is high enough from the bottom out, iron plate temperature is too low, the water cannot evaporate into water. Press once to turn off the water does not leak.