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Multi-function Electric Iron Has Been From The Clothing Store To The Ordinary People Home, How To Buy?

Oct 11, 2017

1. Select from the inner core
The core heaters are multi-function Electric Iron's "heart", according to the different heaters are mainly aluminum alloy heaters, copper heaters, copper heaters, zinc alloy heaters and so on.
On the current market, the existing heaters, the best choice for the use of aluminum alloy heaters. This is the most critical part.
Aluminum alloy heaters for a molding without cracks, thermal efficiency loss is small, energy storage effect is good, thermal conductivity fast, steam uniform, long life, can reach more than 8 years. And the surface is not easy to accumulate scale, can effectively prevent the formation of scale, low-carbon environmental protection.
Pure copper heater life can also be achieved more than 8 years, thermal fast, steam evenly. But the surface is not easy to clean the scale.
Copper alloy heaters, zinc alloy heater has the advantage of low cost, cheap. The disadvantage is that the service life is short, the heat is slow and the steam is not uniform.
2. Select from power
There are currently 1000W-2200W and other power without electricity Electric Iron, according to their own needs, select the appropriate power of Electric Iron. Low power, the amount of steam is relatively small, less water tank capacity. Power certainly certainly more iron, but the silk class is not necessary, but also pay attention to the relevant configuration is good or bad, such as descaling nozzle, spray clip.
3. From the design and craftsmanship
Look at the appearance and color of Electric Iron, choose their own favorite and suitable for their own room color, but also pay attention to the shell of the material and paint. According to their own preferences to choose bright or matte side.
4. Select from function
Steam Iron In addition to the basic steam function, but also consider the safety protection device, the use of multiple security devices can make users safe and more at ease.
For example: lack of water alarm, automatic power failure, etc. can play the role of automatic protection to prevent the risk of. Automatic take-off function, you can solve the user's thread winding trouble. As well as multi-file steam selection allows users to choose according to their own needs different stalls ironing use.
There is also a very important point, that is, attachment package. Modular collection of all kinds of ironing accessories, so that users access more convenient and quick. Yimei home this brand in this point to consider very thoughtful.
5. Choose from the brand
From the Electric Iron manufacturers or brands, said exactly should be the seller, as long as the seller can provide after-sales service is enough, if it is Genius, it is better, if not, then try to choose a good quality, the seller can Provide manufacturers to send the parts on the line. After all, the national security is relative, no one can do every city has UNPROFOR institutions, but the development of the logistics industry has extended to each town.
Eight, product maintenance
After using Electric Iron for some time, feel the gas is small, you can use professional detergents, as follows:
1. Pour all 10g of the cleaning agent into the steam iron tank.
2. Add 400g of water tank, put on the body for 30 minutes, so that the dissolution agent fully dissolved.
3. Plug in the power, turn on the power switch, let the product work for 10-15 minutes.
4. When the water is completely evaporated, turn off the product power switch, unplug the power plug.
5. Place the tank filled with water onto Electric Iron, open the drain, and the water in the tank will be discharged from the drain along with the scale in the body. Note: To rinse until the discharge of water can not see the scale so far. After rinsing, tighten the drain valve to avoid leaking during the next use.
6. Re-plug the Electric Iron power, turn on the power switch, let the product to work for 3-5 minutes to make the body of water after the complete evaporation, turn off the power after cooling collection.
In addition, you can buy steam Iron with hard water softening device. Water tank built-in device can soften hard water, avoid accumulation of calcite inside boiler and water vapor channel, and can effectively prevent scale formation. The current brand only Yimei home has this patent function.