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Proper Use Of Steam Brush, So That Clothing Is Bright As New

Steam Brush manufacturers if the ironing method using the correct method of operation, not only can reduce the ironing time, but also ironing the clothes were pretty handsome.
Steam Brush is the function of high temperature steam is softening the fabric fiber, like the nozzle only spray the steam put the clothes ironing difficult, then rely on gravity to straighten the clothes. The correct method of operation is: one hand to hold the clothes down the hem down, try to keep the clothes pull flat. And then the steam nozzle attached to the clothes, slowly move up and down, relying on high temperature steam to soften the fiber and then use the tension to make clothing stereotypes. Hot to the clothes when the hem, pinch the clothes on both sides of tension, and then up and down ironing. In the ironing clothes when the collar can increase the intensity of pressure down, the pressure can be a little longer time.
When ironing, be careful of the high temperature steam from the nozzle. Use steam Steam Brush, simple and quick, so you wear new clothes every day.
Steam Steam Brush with more times later, some will appear less steam situation, then you can take some cleaning detergent to clean, the specific steps:
1. Put the amount of detergent to the steam Steam Brush waterproof place.
2. In the place where the water to add 400 grams of water, set the Steam Brush for half an hour after the cleaning fluid will be completely and water fusion.
3. Turn on the power, turn on the Steam Brush switch, waiting for Steam Brush to run for a quarter of an hour.
4. Wait until the water inside the tank almost evaporates when the power of the machine is cut off.
5. Install the water tank on the steam Steam Brush and allow the drain valve to open and the water in the tank will rush out with the dirt in the Steam Brush. Be careful: use the water more than a few times, until the water out there is no dirt just fine. After cleaning the drainage switch should be closed to prevent dripping.
6. Turn on the power again, turn on the switch, wait for Steam Brush to run for a few minutes, so that the inside of the water can evaporate the water, and then you can cut off the power.
The weather gradually pick up, many families should put the winter clothes into the closet, cute housewives before this will be ironing the first ironing. Steam Brush's ease of use makes more and more families use it instead of traditional irons, but in daily use, due to Steam Brush burns occur frequently. Experts advise the use of Steam Brush to master the right way.
1. Use the process as far as possible not to lack of water, despite the internal temperature control and other protective measures, but still have to keep the water pay attention to safety.
2. After the use of a period of time, feel less steam, with white vinegar and water 1: 1 mixed, poured from the water, repeatedly shaking, then steam Steam Brush bottom of the cleaning valve to open, let go , And then rinse with water several times until the basic taste of vinegar.
3. Thick clothing with a large power, silk and other thin clothing with a small power, close to the point, the speed slowed down.
4. When the hot pants, you can use the spray clip, if not, you can put the pants on a flat surface, with a smooth metal nozzle instead of flat iron.
Home clothes washed to be ironing after finishing, then if there is a steam Steam Brush very easy friends. Now a lot of steam Steam Brush not only ironing clothes, as well as sterilization and odor removal function, suitable for all family use, especially the elderly children's family, you can make their clothes cleaner health, the body is more healthy friends.
The quality of the Steam Brush uses a quick cooker, which produces very fast and very strong steam, no matter what the texture of the clothes, can be quickly ironed. Strong steam also has the function of eliminating odor and high temperature sterilization, not just clothing, even fabric sofa, bedding, curtains and other large items can easily clean care.
Steam Brush There are two types of steam for you to choose from, depending on the material of the laundry. The quick heating effect of the quick cooker is very good, the temperature is very fast, you can instantly produce a lot of steam, save you a lot of ironing time Steam Brush manufacturer.