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Removal Of Stains From Steam Electric Iron

Jul 17, 2017

Removal of stains from steam Electric Iron

When the Electric Iron are used more often, some of them will have less steam, so you can take some detergent to clean it.

1. Put the right amount of dirty cleaning liquid into the water proof of the steam Electric Iron.

2. Add 400 grams of water to the water storage area. After the Electric Iron is pressed for half an hour, the detergent will be fully integrated with water.

3. Turn on the power, switch on the Electric Iron, and wait for the Electric Iron to operate for about a quarter of an hour.

When the water in the sink is almost vaporized, the power is cut off.

Fill the tank with water into the steam Electric Iron and open the drain valve. The water in the sink will flush with the dirt from the Electric Iron. Be careful: use water to flush a few times, wait until the water that comes out of the water without bilge is good. Clean the drain switch to prevent water from dripping.

Put the power back on, switch on the switch, and let the Electric Iron run for a few minutes, let the water in it evaporate, and then you can cut off the power supply.

Recently, a modelling appeared on the market for "dragon" Electric Iron, code-named NK - 377, the appearance design is very cute, overall designer gouache color, very accord with lovely girl image and temperament, in the home, will no doubt become a beautiful decoration, so the goods have been listed as the girls to be bestowed favor on newly.

The Electric Iron are designed to be soft casters, so it is easy to move and not to scratch the floor. Girls can use it safely. The addition of transparent water tank design can make observation easier, thus timely replenishing the demand.

There are two sides to everything, and the product is no exception. In line with the attitude of honesty and the psychology of thinking about the consumer, the author thinks that we should explain the function of the changing Electric Iron.

Functional aspects mainly adopts the design of 98 degree steam ironing, 44 seconds out of steam, but compared to the market of other products may be a little slow, sustainable work time is 75 minutes, so many clothes. In addition, the market price is 1299 yuan, relatively expensive.

The author believes that the main feature of this product is that the manufacturers cater to consumer demand and improve their products, which is very good in creative modeling. Comprehensive evaluation of decorative, appreciable and durable is a very good manufacturer of Electric Iron.

Electric Iron to solve problems in household chores performance is very good, it can let people no longer as before, such as iron to reach a certain temperature, then ironing, with all his might have stood it as long as we kiss easily can ironing, free time a lot of modern people's house. However, there are so many steam irons on the market, people don't know how to choose. I think the first thing that the Electric Iron should consider is safety, and then choose different models according to their own needs.

Modern people when picking things, I don't know what they want, what is the best, what is the suitable for their own, even electrical appliances such as Electric Iron. Only a high quality Electric Iron will ensure that you will be able to meet people when you work every day, but you won't lose much of your free time. However, not everyone is an expert in this field, so many times we should select according to the manufacturer's introduction.