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Steam Brush Advantage In Detail

Jul 17, 2017

Steam Brush advantage in detail

A Steam Brush is also called a vertical iron bucket or a hung iron, which means a machine that can hang hot clothes and clothes. The Steam Brush has many advantages, which makes it open to many traditional irons from the Steam Brush manufacturers.

First, the Steam Brush has a certain comparative advantage. According to expert research, if clothes are often pressed with a flat iron, the fabric can be damaged easily, resulting in a hard ageing of the fabric. Steam Brush is different, it is under the natural state of suspension for ironing clothes, the clothes of the dual role of its own gravity and high temperature steam, to avoid the damage in the fabric directly, and it can be easy, convenient, fast ironed clothes, effect is good ironing clothes if brightness is new, but also can keep the best shape.

Secondly, the Steam Brush has the advantage of environmental protection. Steam Steam Brush on clothes ironing, contact part of the it and clothes from steam source distance is relatively far, and if use the water of life, such as tap water can produce dirt because of high temperature, but it never brush like steam ironing or flat iron that is easy to spray on their clothing. At the same time, the steam can be sterilized, dusted and sterilized.

Finally, the Steam Brush has a convenient advantage. Steam and steam can be used to iron more than 50 pieces of clothing at one time after adding water, so adding water to the modern family is enough to use a week.

The Steam Brush manufacturer should use the correct operation method if ironing, not only can reduce the ironing time, but also can ironing clothes to be beautiful.

The steam of the steam is the function of the steam to soften the fabric, like the steam from the nozzle, which is hard to iron, and then pull the clothes straight by gravity. The correct operation method is: one hand knead the bottom of the clothes to pull down, to try to keep the clothes to smooth. Attach the steam nozzle to the clothing, slowly move up and down, and rely on the high temperature steam to soften the fibers and use the tension to create the clothing. When the clothes are pressed, hold the sides of the garment tightly and iron them up and down. When ironing the collar of the clothes, you can increase the press pressure, the pressure time can be a little longer.

Be careful when you iron hot steam. Use steam Steam Brush, simple and quick, so that you can wear new clothes every day.

Choose from the inside

The inner core heater is the "heart" of the multi-function Steam Brush. According to the different materials of the heating material, there are mainly aluminum alloy heater, pure copper heater, copper - plastic heater, zinc alloy heater, etc.

In the present market current heater, recommend the optimal aluminum alloy heater. This is the most critical component.

The aluminum alloy heater is a crack without fracture, the thermal efficiency loss is small, the energy storage effect is good, the heat conduction is fast, the steam is even, the service life is long, can reach more than 8 years. And the surface is not easy to deposit, can effectively prevent scale formation, low carbon environment.

The service life of pure copper heater can be up to 8 years, the heat conduction is fast and the steam is even. But the surface is not easy to clean.

The advantages of copper - plastic heater and zinc alloy heater are low cost and low cost. The disadvantage is that the service life is short, the conduction is slow, the steam is not even.

2. Select from power

At present, there are 1000w-2200w and other non-powered steam Steam Brushes, which can be used according to their own needs, and select the corresponding power of the Steam Brush. Less power, less steam and less water tank. The high power is definitely ironed, but the silk is not needed, and you should also pay attention to the good and bad configuration, such as the descaling nozzle and spray clip.

3. From design and process

Depending on the appearance and color, choose the color that suits your room and the material and paint of the shell. You can choose either the bright side or the subsurface according to your preference.

4. Optional

In addition to the basic steam function, the steam Steam Brush should also consider the safety protection device. The use of multiple safety protection devices can ensure the user's use of safety and security.

For example: water shortage alarm, water without water automatic power cuts and so on can have automatic protective effect, prevent danger to produce. Automatic winding function can solve the problem of user's thread winding. And multi-steam selection can enable users to select different gears for their own needs.

There is also a very important point, which is the attachment. A combination of all kinds of ironing accessories to make it easier and faster for users to take. The brand is very considerate in this regard.