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Steam Brush Automation Is The Only Way Out Of China's Manufacturing Industry

Steam Brush automation is the only way out of China's manufacturing industry

What is a Steam Brush automation?

Steam Brush automation is the Steam Brush production in a variety of parameters for the control purposes, to achieve a variety of process control, in the entire Steam Brush production, to minimize human operations, and can make full use of animals other than energy and a variety of information to production Work, that is known as the Steam Brush automated production, leaving the Steam Brush can be automated production process known as the Steam Brush automation.

Steam Brush automation is a cross-industry, covering a wide range of: involving the surface including the sensor components, detection sensors, transmitters, all kinds of measuring equipment, actuators, automatic adjustment and control unit, medium and small device control system to integrated optimization And coordination system and enterprise integrated management information system. At the same time the application areas include manufacturing robot, motion control, CNC machine tools, process control and so on.

Steam Brush automation is for discrete parts, automatic completion of the product manufacturing all or part of the processing process.

Steam Brush automation equipment used in a wide range, we will be divided into three categories:

General automation equipment: including CNC machine tools (CNC), Steam Brush robot and automatic storage equipment. General automation equipment is widely used in various manufacturing industries, functions to replace labor, improve production accuracy and reliability, improve efficiency. The listed companies include CNC machine tools in the field of CNC and East China CNC, the main welding robot, AGV and automatic three-dimensional warehouse of the new robot, involving the handling of manipulator business Zhiyun shares, as well as automatic storage equipment provider Tianqi shares.

Automatic assembly testing production line: automatic feeding, automatic assembly, online automatic inspection, automatic marking packaging and a series of assembly process automation, can significantly save manpower to ensure product quality stability, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, machinery , Automotive, food and beverage industries. Listed companies in the new loom and Zhiyun shares are operating such products.

Special equipment automation control system: used in a variety of motor dragging Steam Brush special equipment (such as papermaking machinery, textile machinery, injection molding machines, machine tools, fans, etc.) automatic control, can achieve speed control, energy saving two effects. According to the technical route, the Steam Brush automatic control system can be divided into frequency control and servo control two categories.