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Steam Brush Use Precautions

Aug 30, 2017

Steam Brush use precautions
Steam Brush is a high power appliance. Use Steam Brush to pay attention to the following matters:
1, the Steam Brush power must use three-phase plug, and must be grounded or connected to zero protection device.
2, because the Steam Brush is at least 300 watts of power, it must use thicker wire connected to the Steam Brush to ensure adequate capacity.
3, the family meter to have enough capacity, the general 300-watt Steam Brush needs 2.5 Amo meter, 500-watt Steam Brush to be equipped with 3-ampere meter, 750-watt Steam Brush to be equipped with 5 amp, 1000 watts of steam The brush will have to match 10 meters of the meter.
4, the use of interval, to erect placed Steam Brush, or placed in iron, ceramics and other insulation materials, so as not to ignite the items.
5, when the collection to protect the Steam Brush cable to prevent leakage of leakage.
6, when used, do not let the children close to prevent children touch burns.
7, after the Steam Brush to wait until after the natural cooling can be collected.
8, steam Steam Brush in the front of the handle has a drip switch, according to a drip to the iron plate, the temperature is high enough when the water evaporates into the steam from the bottom hole, the iron plate temperature is too low, the water can not evaporate to form a leak. And then press a water will not leak.
 Steam Brush is one of the indispensable electrical appliances of modern family. Buy safety and durability of the Steam Brush to note the following points.
    Consider the load capacity of household appliances. If the household meter is 1.5A or 2.0A, the electric power should be over 500W. Otherwise easily lead to accidents, but also affect the use of other home appliances at the same time.
    To buy rubber insulated textile soft wire Steam Brush, do not buy plastic or PVC soft wire products. Because this wire is easily burned by the burning floor of the floor caused by electric shock accident. At the same time, the purchase of Steam Brush power cord cross-sectional area to 0.75mm or more, plug the rated value to more than 10A.
    To check the electrical safety performance. When the purchase of Steam Brush power, check for short circuit, open circuit phenomenon, while the test pen or hand touch the Steam Brush shell metal parts, such as test pen neon bubble no obvious flicker or no feeling of numbness, then the Steam Brush is Safer.
    Choose the look. Gently grasp the handle to see whether the comfort, check the floor with or without scratches, rust point, from the skin phenomenon, buttons, knobs stalls to be clear. Pick up the Steam Brush gently shake, there should be no loose or abnormal sound.
Housewives every day with a Steam Brush to ironing clothes, a good Steam Brush halo clothes can be fast and flat. A good Steam Brush should also be carefully maintained in order to extend his life.
Before using the Steam Brush to look at the rated voltage, China's voltage is 200 volts, and some Steam Brush is especially imported, the need for voltage is 110 volts or 240 volts. If you buy these two Steam Brush can not be used normally, 110 volts will be damaged by high-voltage lines, dangerous.
Always use tap water will produce scale, a long time will block the Steam Brush spray steam hole, so still with the amount of less impurity of water, such as cold water, distilled water, pure water and so on.
After each good use, the water tank to clean the water, but also connected to the power to evaporate the residual water, so that water from the bottom of the floor, or so after the water cooling, it will flow from the floor, and so on Sub-heating time, the water will be attached to the minerals in the floor, a long time will erode the floor of the Steam Brush, resulting in Steam Brush damage.