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Steam Iron Cleaning Method

Dec 23, 2016

1, clean the iron to cool completely. Scrub with a soft damp cloth. Coke if clothing stuck to the floor and cannot forcibly shave, to avoid damaging the coating, you can use the erase coking adherent of cuttlefish bone.
2, iron after use should be fully cooled before pick up. Storage, in order to avoid coating damage, erect the best place.
3, storage when not in use,-temperature steam iron will turn the temperature knob to the minimum, turn the steam knob to dry iron, steam-free location.
4, power lines not to roll too tightly, that damaged wire.
5, steam irons use after a period of time, if the vents have a white powder appears, can put white vinegar into the iron, after 10 minutes, disconnect the power, shake the iron for cleaning, and then poured out, washed with water several times.