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Steam Iron Tips For Selecting

Dec 23, 2016

Free to set the temperature
Most irons have temperature control knob, you can set up according to the material type, generally divided into synthetic fibers, silk, wool, cotton, linen. Ironing cloth to give you the desired temperature set, very easy to use, and not worry about scorch clothing.
Steam ironing
This is not a new feature, however manufacturers have developed new ways to steam. Like normal Steam ironing, it is for General clothing; strengthen the steam function, for difficult ironing creases; explosions of steam injection, can help you to remove stubborn creases.
Automatic scaling
This is a relatively new feature. It can help you scale and other impurities on the chassis, and extend the life of the iron.
Shut out
This is a new feature in iron rest after a period of time, machines are equipped with automatic shutdown safety device will power down iron, in order to avoid danger. For example, a product is when you place the iron level for more than 30 seconds, placed vertically for more than 8 minutes, the iron will automatically power outage.