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The History Of Iron

Early iron is made of cast iron, bucket-shaped, bucket charcoal, it said "the irons". Ironing her own clothes since the Europeans since the 17th century. They used a pretty heavy "flat iron" or on a hot metal plate heated in the fire and later iron clothes. This caused all kinds of problems, such as easy to make iron too hot burning clothes. Worries about it at the time when you start to try to iron, iron has not fully heated. Sometimes the iron handle is very hot. This means that people often will hurt your ironing time. New York inventor Henry · W West yesterday changed everything. In 1882, he invented the first practical electric irons. It is equipped with a wire element. When the current through the wire heats, with traditional furnaces the same principle. Sealy iron problem is when it appears, there are only very few households have access to electricity. Therefore, many people still continue to use the "flat iron" into the 20th century. 1926 in New York City the first steam irons, it produces steam to the fabric being ironed damp. The steam iron is a company called "Eldec" company production. The widespread use of iron has changed in the tradition of night-time power supply alone, and other household appliances have been listed. Therefore, it is believed that United States domestic appliances industry began in the iron.