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The Use Of Iron

Dec 23, 2016

Steam iron needs water, and, ideally, there is no impurities in the water or purified water, if the water the impurities may plug the vent and affect the result. Water master during the process of adding water, not too little, finish easy to evaporate in a short time. To be careful when pouring water into water, do not spill water in other parts of the iron, so as to avoid electric shock.
Depending on whether you are ironing cloth material, corresponding to the selected temperature, then started heating up. Don't care that step, or the clothes may be scalding hot wrinkles and bad.
In the process as well as ironing irons heat breaks, erected the iron should be placed, could not turn aside, direct contact of iron goods as easily burn.
After you finish steam iron if there is residual water, or pour out or continue to power on until the water boiled. If not volatile through the water, then water may leak your own, attached to the floor, leaving water stains, bad for machine maintenance.