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Use Good Steam Brush To Keep Water Is The Focus

Jun 30, 2017

Use good Steam Brush to keep water is the focus
 The weather gradually pick up, many families to the winter clothes into the closet, cute housewives before this will be ironing the first ironing. The ease of use of Steam Brushes makes more and more families use it instead of traditional iron, but in daily use, due to Steam Brush burn accident occurred frequently. Experts advise the use of Steam Brush to master the right way.
1. Use the process as far as possible not to lack of water, despite the internal temperature control and other protective measures, but still have to keep the water pay attention to safety.
2. After using a period of time, feel less steam, with white vinegar and water 1: 1 mixed, poured from the water into the water, repeatedly shaking, then the bottom of the steam Steam Brush cleaning valve opened, let go , And then rinse with water several times until the basic taste of vinegar.
3. Thick clothing with a large power, silk and other thin clothing with a small power, close to the point, the speed slowed down.
4. When the hot pants, you can use the spray clip, if not, you can put the pants on a flat surface, with a smooth metal nozzle instead of flat iron.
What, LG have launched a smart wardrobe? In the media people Ya-ting's microblogging to see her Amway this goods, said sterilization, automatic ironing, incense, drying function is complete, as long as the clothes hanging in, press the button, 30 minutes can be clothes dry Take it out! But seemingly expensive, small twenty thousand. Having said that, ironing clothes, as long as the iron has the effect, ironing happy, iron and Steam Brush is enough.
Currently there are two main types of ironing tools on the market, one is the traditional iron, there is a class is gradually began to popular Steam Brush.
Electric iron VS Steam Brush
First of all, the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of ironing tools,
Iron is easy to ironing the outlet, the suit pants so pay attention to version of the clothing, the pants line is undoubtedly necessary; it is convenient to ironing some special parts, if there is no power line iron, it is more convenient Control; and overall, the price of iron than Steam Brush a lot of benefits.
Iron buckle is also more obvious, because it works is the pressure of hot, the surface of the clothing for high temperature and extrusion, which can easily lead to fabric fiber hardening and aging. In the course of the use, if placed improperly, it is easy to cause burns, some poor iron will be due to the lack of dry protection caused by fire. In addition, the iron also means that you need a ironing board.
Steam Brush is the use of steam to iron the clothes, can quickly iron and thin clothing, some three-dimensional cut clothes can be iron out of the type, the operation only need to align the need for ironing parts can be, are generally equipped with Anti-dry protection, and the use of no additional ironing board.
But it is really weak on the cotton and other materials really weak, perhaps not the focus of the reason, only one hand pull the hand hot, loose hands, folds or that fold ... ... and the Steam Brush is not easy to hot line, right Some pay attention to clothing type, pants type of clothing is more tasteless, the price is more expensive than the iron.
The use of Steam Brush is very simple and convenient, the clothes hanging after the nozzle with the need to align the need for ironing parts, high temperature steam will ironing ironing. Here to talk about a certain amount of technical content of the iron usage.